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Conveyancing Services Newcastle

Conveyancing Newcastle

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of property from one person to another.

It is a complex and time-consuming process, and it is important to have a qualified conveyancer to help you through it. 

A conveyancer will handle all of the legal paperwork, and they will also be able to advise you on the best way to structure your transaction.

These services include the preparation of all of the legal paperwork, as well as advice on the best way to structure your transaction.

Conveyancing services Newcastle are an essential part of the property buying and selling process, and they can help to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

Here are the main services provided by a property conveyancer:

  • Reviewing the contract of sale: The conveyancer will review the contract of sale to ensure that it is in your best interests and that it complies with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Conducting property searches: The conveyancer will conduct property searches to ensure that there are no legal or financial problems with the property, such as unpaid rates or mortgages.
  • Preparing legal documents: The conveyancer will prepare all the necessary legal documents, such as the transfer deed and mortgage documents.
  • Liaising with the other parties involved: The conveyancer will liaise with the seller, the buyer, the real estate agent, and the mortgage lender to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly.
  • Attending settlement: The conveyancer will attend settlement on your behalf to ensure that the transaction is completed correctly.
  • Providing advice and support: The conveyancer will provide you with advice and support throughout the conveyancing process.

In addition to these main services, a conveyancer may also provide other services, such as:

  • Negotiating on your behalf: The conveyancer may negotiate on your behalf with the seller or the buyer to get the best possible deal.
  • Explaining the conveyancing process: The conveyancer can explain the conveyancing process to you in plain English so that you understand what is happening at each stage.
  • Resolving disputes: If any disputes arise during the conveyancing process, the conveyancer can help you to resolve them.

The specific services that a conveyancer provides will vary depending on the complexity of the transaction and the needs of the client. It is important to choose a conveyancer who is experienced and qualified to handle your specific needs.

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I cannot recommend Lorraine and her staff highly enough, I have used them twice now and the process was made so easy, always on hand to answer any questions, emails answered quickly.
Thank you again for your expertise.
Sarah Kenyon

 Lorraine and her team have worked with me on several sales and purchases. They always kept me informed through the entire process and made it a stress free exercise, I would like to thank them for all their hard work
Greg Kampas